Iģene Manor

From the top of the hill the Iģene manor roofs are looking down at the flat fields of neighbourhood. More than 300 years ago, when the Torks were the landlords of the location, Iģene, the same as Vandzene, Skreite, Sārcene (the two last aren’t existing any more) was only a part of the Odre estate. Iģene name was mentioned already in 1666 in a border contract. In 1704 it become a separate manor. The owners of the manor changed very often. From 1745 to 1827 it belonged to Alexander von den Brincken. From 1882 to 1912 the owners were von der Brüggen family.

The building complex of the manor is very large. Many different outbuildings have survived (most of them built in 70s-80s of the 19th century: a barn, a dry-house, sheds, cattle barns, smith’s house with household buildings, a smithy, a distillery (1873), a bath house, cowsheds, stables (1884), a cart-house, and a garage for the baron’s motorcar), many of them were rebuilt, and some are in critical condition. The central building is the comparatively small manor house that was built in the beginning of the 19th century. The main shapes of the building have survived, but the layout of inner rooms is changed and rebuilt according to the needs of the pension. The old manor gardens are stretching behind the manor house.

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Iģene, manor
Iģene, Vandzenes pagasts, Talsu novads
57°17'53.668"N 22°49'38.298"E / 57.298241 22.827305
+371 26440279

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