Pedvāle Manor Complex

The Pedvale manor complex is located opposite the Sabile town on the left bank of the ancient valley of river Abava. It consists of Firkspedvale and Brinkpedvale manors, and the Sabile vicarage. In the chronicles Pedvale first was mentioned in 1230. The manors that appeared later keep the names of the last barons. First known landlord of Pedvale was some Hans Kucke who got this property from Livonian Order in the end of 14th century. The baron of Firkspedvale Wolfgang von Fircks repatriated to Germany in 1939, up to this year Pedvale had had 34 proprietors. In 1991 the manor become propriety of sculptor Ojars Arvids feldbergs (Ojārs Arvīds Feldbergs).  

The Firkspedvale manor buildings included the manor house, outbuildings (several of them don't exist any more) and a park laid out in a deep and picturesque ravine. The central building is the manor house. The shapes of it keep the reflections of three building periods; the oldest of them dates from the end of 18th century. The reconstruction of the building was begun in 1997; the aim of it was to make an international artist residence. Brinkpedvale consists of an extended centre with an expanded household. The manor buildings include the manor house, servants' house, stables, cattle barns, dry-house, distillery and a watermill. These buildings have especially balanced proportions, but unfortunately some of them are ruined and some in critical condition. In the centre of the ensemble stands the manor house built in the end of 18th century. Earlier it had a Baroque style garden behind it, with a wide panorama of the river Abava valley. Nowadays the valley can be seen already from the manor house, but this fact doesn't diminish the monumentality of the landscape. 

The dwelling house (1802) of the Sabile vicarage has partly survived. The exceptionally picturesque location makes it possible to see the Sabile town and the opposite side of the castle mound of ancient tribe Kurshi, the Gallows Hill and the famous Wine Hill. The Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum is located in the territory of Pedvale manor complex. The ensemble has become an original cultural centre. Its concept is the integration of natural landscapes, cultural and historical landscapes and art into a single environment.

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Pedvāle, Sabile, Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads
57°1'59.804"N 22°33'58.54"E / 57.033279 22.566261
+371 63252249, 29133374

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