Vicezu Manor

In the description of the territorial borders of the vast and rich Stende manor Vīceži name is mentioned already in 1331. From 1561 it belonged to the von Vischer family. The evidences of this fact can be found on the wall of the Talsi Evangelical Lutheran church – there is a Vischer family memorial tablet carved in limestone that tells: “Here lies the von Vischer family from Vīceži. Dedicated to the last of this kin - Evaldam Fridrikam Vischer who died in 1794. From the grateful foster-son E.S.B.V. Ašenbergs”.

The present manor house was built at the end of 19th century as a simple one-storey boulder building with a passage (now it is walled up). The living house and a barn were under one roof. The barn doors with old fittings, the barn floor that is made of wide, long boards, the ancient grain chests, good cellars and the coated chimney are the evidences of the previous well-being.

The manor is surrounded by a garden; it was cultivated, renewed and supplemented with new plantations.

It is private property.

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Vīceži, Lībagu pagasts, Talsu novads
57°12'47.588"N 22°34'41.567"E / 57.213219 22.578213

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