Balgale (Balgallen) evangelical Lutheran Church

Earlier it was called the Peterciems church. The year when the first church was built is unknown. The present church of Balgale was built in 1807 on expenses of the first Carl Christopher von Lieven; it was consecrated in 1809. The church belongs to Ampere style - it is an elongated single aisle building with a square bell tower with pyramidal spire, and, judging by the significant quantity of the Ampere style art pieces, the church appears to be a treasure house of art and construction tools collection. The altar is a classical column portico; on the top of it - Gloria. The altarpiece "Crucified" (tapestry; 1995) is made by textile artist Aija Baumane. Inside the church a monument of applied art - cast iron altar railings (about 1810), catches the attention.  The altar railings are made as a black coloured acanthus arabesque with gilded rosettes. The tower of the church is decorated with a combination of ancient signs, it is the only object in Latvia with such an ornament - the cross of crosses and the sun cross with gilded centre. A massive fence surrounds the church.

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Balgale, church
Balgale, Balgales pagasts, Talsu novads
57°9'39.211"N 22°54'34.585"E / 57.160892 22.909607
+371 29422202

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