Iģene Evangelical Lutheran Church

Iģene church is one of thosenrare wooden churches that was built in the middle of then18th century and still successfully serves due to itsnprimary purpose. The shape of the church, the planning andnproportions are archaic, that means that the builders of the churchnfollowed the old woodcraft traditions.  The church was builtnon the expenses of Iģene landlord Alexander vonnBrincken. It is a single-aisle wooden log building plankednwith horizontally laid boards, with a polygonal apse, sacristy andna projected square bell tower with polygonal spire. The buildingnwas repaired in 1877 and 1932. In 1996-2004 a great overhaul wasndone - the foundations of the church were consolidated, thenconstructions of the log walls were restored, the church obtained annew tile roof and new windows, its tower was renovated.
nThe restoration of the interior still continues. Several valuablenpieces of furnishing have survived, for example, the altar (1752)nand the pulpit; both were unsuccessfully painted in 1932. Duringnrestoration cleaning off the upper coat of colour, paintings werenfound. Judging by these paintings the pulpit and the altar arenpresumed to be older than the church itself. The door lock fittingsn(18th century) and the vane in the shape of a rooster onnthe top of the wooden spire (1757) are original decorative elementsnof the church.

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Iģene, church
Iģene, Vandzenes pagasts, Talsu novads
57°18'3.362"N 22°49'13.152"E / 57.300934 22.820320
+371 26435630, 28741842

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