Neivakena (Virbi) Old–believer’s Church

The Old-believers settled down at Virbi already in 1908 when the construction of Rīga — Ventspils railway was completed. At the beginning of 20th century, due to the land reform, the Latvian government bought hundreds hectares of land from baron Hahn and sold them to the landless peasants, mainly to the Old-believers. In the beginning the deeply religious Old-believers held their services in the houses of Jevsejs Dembovskovs and Feodosejs Stepanovs, later they gathered in the new church that was built on the land that Kaļļistrats Stepanovs gave to the community without any compensation in return. The church was consecrated in 1928. It is a rectangular building with a tower attached to the main façade. Since the middle of the 1990s the congregation stopped its activities, the church is forlorn
and damaged.

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Skolas iela 9, Jaunpagasts, Virbu pagasts, Talsu novads
57°7'30.097"N 22°39'2.045"E / 57.125027 22.650568

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