Birznieki ship setting or "Devils boat"

 Birznieki ship setting or "Devils boat" - a burial site - lies in Valdemārpils Rural Territory, 1 km from the Nogale-Dārte road, on the right hand side, at the edge of the woods about 80 m south-west of Birznieki Farm.
     In 1863, the site was excavated by Jelgava painter and antiquarian Julius Döring. In his day, it was a well-preserved 14.5 m-long and 3.05 m-wide ship setting, with a 5.1 m long ‘steering oar' of eight stones at the southern end. Potsherds and burnt human bone was found in the course of excavation, as well as one intact pottery vessel. This ‘Devil's Boat', like the other monuments of this kind in northern Kurzeme, dates from the first half of the 1st millennium BC.

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57°21'54.184"N 22°41'4.949"E / 57.365051 22.684708

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