Krojvalki Medieval Cemetery or ‘Idol Cemetery’ (Elku kapi)

 Krojvalki Medieval Cemetery or ‘Idol Cemetery’ (Elku kapi) lies in Laidze Parish, about 3 km south of the centre of Laidze, 100 m west of Krovalki (Krojvalki) Farm. The Idol Cemetery is an elongated hill measuring 20×40 m, with a steep eastern slope, about 2 m-high, and a fairly gentle western slope. Growing on the southern part of the hill are three large oaks, and in places the remains of a stone wall can be seen. Archaeological excavation has not been undertaken here, and there is no information about artefact finds, so it is impossible at present to determine the precise period of use of the cemetery.

It should be added that a botany trail has been created at Krovalki Farm with the aim of acquainting visitors with the local flora.

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57°14'53.945"N 22°38'46.518"E / 57.248318 22.646255

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