Lejaslāči Pre-Christian Cemetery

Lejaslāči Pre-Christian Cemetery is in Lībagi Parish, about 600 m south-east of Kāravkalns Hillfort, on the hill where the present-day Lejaslāči Cemetery is located. In 1984, when a grave was dug here, several bronze artefacts were found, which ended up in Talsi Regional Museum. These artefacts (three spiral rings, a spiral armband, a neck-ring with threaded bronze spirals, three bronze wires with threaded glass beads and two dress-pins with chain-holders) evidently derive from a female burial. These ornaments are characteristic of the Kurzeme Livs and date from the late 11th century. 

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57°13'14.272"N 22°36'8.935"E / 57.220631 22.602482

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