Vegi ancient

Veģi Pre-Christian Cemetery is in Abava parish, on the right bank of the River Abava, opposite the present-day Veģi Cemetery. The ancient burial site was discovered in 1935, when the Valgale–Veģi road was widened and levelled. Nine cremation graves were discovered, and in 1936 Eduards Šturms excavated here, unearthing another seven cremations, where the deceased had been buried together with artefacts after having been burned elsewhere. The burials date from the 14th century. It has been suggested that the Livs of the Valgale area began to cremate their dead under Couronian influence, but it seems more likely that the burials at Veģi are actually Couronian, buried in accordance with traditional rites as late as the 14th century, although the artefact forms are general ones that do not show indicative Couronian features.

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Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads
57°4'43.558"N 22°28'17.339"E / 57.078766 22.471483

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