Craftsmen Farmstead “Kauliņi” and Ārlava Wooden Train

Craftsmen Farmstead “Kauliņi” and Ārlava Wooden Train. This is the one and only private wooden train in Latvia, also photo-sessions in Wooden Car. "Zeļļi" - a workshop run by master of Latvian Chamber of Crafts Igurds Baņķis introduces to the craft of woodcarver, offers different wooden souvenirs, trains young people in the craft of carpenter and produces furniture. The workshop is located in a historical building - Ārlava district Agriculture Union house where you can take a look at memorial hall of K. Valdemārs. Its interior and wall painting "Latvji brauciet jūriņā" was created by painter K. Freimanis.

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igurds baņķis
Lielā iela 27, Valdemārpils, Talsu novads
57°22'29.093"N 22°35'27.028"E / 57.374748 22.590841
+371 29430282

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