Precisely innthe heart of Kurzeme, in the deepest and the most beautiful part ofnvaley lies the romantic Sabile Town, a locality glorified byntourists. Sabile is located on the terrace of the River ofnAbava,and, standing at the highest rim of the terrace, Sabile isnseen with all its different roofs. In history source was mentionednin 1253 for first time, but long before this date a well fortifiednCours` castle was there.Since the 15 th century Sabile developed asna rulal town of craftsmen and marketers. Here is the famous „VinanKalns”- approximately 1ha of vineyard, registered in the GuinnesnWorld Record Book as the most boreal vineyard in the world. Sabilenwas the only town among towns of Kurzeme with its vineyard andnwine.

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Sabiles tūrisma informācijas centrs, Pilskalna iela 6, Sabile, Talsu novads
57°2'42.983"N 22°34'30.443"E / 57.045273 22.575123
+371 63252344, 26152461

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