Population –1868
Density – 415.1 people/km²
Area – 4,5 km²

Stende is one of four towns in Talsi region, 14 km from the region center Talsi. The town has started to develop around the beginning of 20th century along with construction of railway Venstpils-Rybinsk. In 1925 it was known by name Reči village, laternit became village Stende and was named by the railway station, which still is the fanciest building in the town. The railway station was named by the Stende manor, which is 6 km away. A lot of working class people used to live in Stende during the Soviet times. Officially it became a town in 1991, after the Republic of Latvia gain back its independence from Soviet Union. Nowadays there are several middle sized companies that operate in the town, like "Baltic Agro", "Voka" and "Talsu mežrūpniecība", therefore town is still quite industrial. There is also an elementary school, culture center, sports center and local crafts groups. 

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Dumpīšu iela 3, Stende, Talsu novads
57°8'41.989"N 22°32'3.595"E / 57.144997 22.534332
+371 63232132

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