Romis Bēms (1927-1993)

Romis Bēms - Ezera laukums Talsos. 1960
Romis Bēms - Ezera laukums Talsos. 1960

Ezers Square in Talsi. 1960s

Collection of the Talsi District Museum

An outstanding Latvian art historian, pedagogue and watercolourist. Studied at Talsi State Secondary School ( 1941-1944 ), got an impulse for an artistic career from Talsi artists Ž. Sūniņš and J. Spriņģis. Graduated from I. Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture ( 1958 ). He was organiser and participant of the first triennials of Soviet Latvian and Baltic watercolour painting and the international Cēsis plein-airs, regularly contributed to art history: was editor of many anthologies, catalogues and books. Took part in exhibitions of Talsi district artists. His works are in the collections of Latvian National Museum of Art, Artists' Union of Latvia, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Talsi District Museum and others.


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Ezeru laukums 2, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'41.885"N 22°35'29.342"E / 57.244968 22.591484
+371 63114165, 26469057

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