Valdis Bušs (1924-2014)

Valdis Bušs - Talsos. 1994
Valdis Bušs - Talsos. 1994

In Talsi. 1994

Painter-expressionist, very productive, was long-time head of Jūrmala Artists' Association. Painted landscapes, still-lifes, abstract colour compositions. His main means of expression – colour, often with thick impasto and with the help of putty-knife; the overall structure of the painting as well as the mood in a major key is subordinated to the materiality of paint. Valdis Bušs often painted in Talsi and met with Talsi artists in shared plein-airs.

Ingrīda Burāne „Valdis Bušs. Māksla. Atziņas. Versijas”. Rīga, Mansards, 2014.


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Laidzes iela 3/5, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'44.578"N 22°35'52.793"E / 57.245716 22.597998
+371 63224165, 26469057

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